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One of the principles of our company is human-centricity. This means we work together as a team, and everyone is aligned to and personally responsible for a common cause

Like the game of Ultimate Frisbee, we are centered around teamwork and hard work to achieving the highest standards. Here, we look to employ the best, empower the best, and work with the best to grow, thrive and prosper together


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We are deeply knowledgeable in our fields of expertise and genuinely interested in the success of our partner companies
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Anton Patkin
Legal expert
Luka Bubalo
Investment Manager
Ksenia Pivovarova
PR Director
Katerina Prokusheva
HR Director
Andrey Kondratyuk
Managing partner
Evgeny Salzman
Managing partner
Ilyina Shapovalova
Pavel Moseikin
CEO of Ultimate Education
Daria Abhinav
Head of Recruitment
Виктория Маркина
Административный директор
Nikita Podlipsky
Managing Director
Daniil Osipov
Academic Director
Lilia Ibraimova
HR Manager
Danila Denisov
Junior Analyst
Ultimate Education is an educational company consisting of leading schools in the field of additional professional education with an emphasis on deep industrial expertise and the formation of industry communities.

The total number of students exceeds 300,000 people. The entire community of schools has over 1 million participants.
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Address: Moscow, Dmitrovsky pereulok, 9, 2nd floor

Tel: +7 (495) 789 88-80
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