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Vladimir Davydov
Andrey Gavrikov
Vardanyan Margarita Executive Director
Andrey Gavrikov
founder of MAED, Head of Product
I have never had any experience of working with investors. In my opinion, it is very difficult to find not only investors who believe in a common cause, but also those with whom you share common values ​​and outlook on life. Doing business together is a marathon and it is necessary to focus on achieving common goals, rather than get distracted and waste precious time over ideological differences.

With the guys from Ultimate Capital, everything has turned out very well. In addition to investments, we have made good friends with extensive experience and connections in the market.
Ultimate Education is an educational company consisting of leading schools in the field of additional professional education with an emphasis on deep industrial expertise and the formation of industry communities.

The total number of students exceeds 300,000 people. The entire community of schools has over 1 million participants.
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